Most of the world .hgt files to download

Started by jcinbama, February 01, 2014, 03:18:20 PM

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The .jpeg is just a pic of the page, you need to go to the web page below to download .hgt files

Use link to go to the page.

Click on a square to download .hgt files (they will be in a folder)

Download 3dem from here

Install 3dem and run, select SRTM DATA ( hgt., bil)

Open one or all .hgt files you downloaded

Save Terragen Terrain (you can save as area select or entire area) it will save it as a .ter file


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It's nice to have access to real world data, but there are a couple of issues here.

First of all, 3DEM is not necessary, Terragen 3 loads .HGT data natively just fine. So if you use this data, skip the conversion step, it'll be more accurate and faster.

Second, the actual data is quite low resolution. For the US, 10 meter per pixel data is widely available (at least 10 times more detailed than the HGTs linked above), and in some cases 3m data is even available. For US data, you can download any part of the country in high detail elevation, orthoimagery, and more here:
For International data at 30m (still more accurate than the HGTs), you can get data here:
You want to go to the Data Sets tab, then to Digital Elevation and check "SRTM Void Filled" (the non-void filled will work too, but you'll want to fill "nodata" in Terragen with something).

That should give you easier access to some higher quality data.

- Oshyan


Thanks Oshyan, for the links and info. did not know this, your way looks a lot better. ;D


Yeah, better for the US indeed! But try to use the USGS to get maps of the rest of the world  >:( Its no good.
I want some maps from Iceland and from Brazil among other places, china would be good too. Probably some international law or diplomatic thing? Anyway, this is going to be a much more popular topic with TG 3.0 -3.1. So I hope some better, non-US resources will turn up!
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Badger, look above, the "Earth Explorer" site gives you *most* of the world (extreme northern and southern latitudes are excluded due to the path of the orbit for the shuttle that gathered the data), and it's another USGS resource. Both height and photo data is included:
Also check out NASA's "Blue Marble" data set.

- Oshyan


Ah, my bad. I thought I was seeing the same site. Thanks a lot for pointing that out. I saw that site before and completely forgot about it.
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The USGS sit used to have a terrible interface.
I had a look this after noon and it seems a lot better and easier touse

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