Started by Dune, April 15, 2014, 02:09:10 am

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I hadn't doubled a road yet. I have now  ;) Took quite some fiddling to get it right, though.


Looking very good. The first image reminds me of our Interstate Highway that runs through Colorado.


Pretty cool on and pretty real looking ;)
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Like the first wintery scene best. I agree reminds me of parts of Colorado and has some of that Alfred Bierstadt look.
I wonder where that road leads. Some really heavy duty climbing ahead unless it eventually turns off left or right.


The mountains are really cool. As for the road, a bit too windy for a highway, especially that curve near the camera. And if it's supposed to be Colorado, you need a ton of dead trees (and dense growth)... :)


Sir, your work is very impressive, I love your images.
On this, I prefer the first one.