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Hi All !
Decided to share so TGOs of high definition rocks to use in foreground and mostly for use on riversides for this version.
The folder has all that is needed and some instructions in pdf t osage some time and frustration if further displacement is applied.
The image files are mine with no copyright issues and you can substitue yours by simply copying them to this folder and give them the same name or reassign the default shader to these new files.
Hope they can be of some use and I include some jpg files of the rocks and an example of the scene I made with them in the foreground.
Take care and have a great weekend !




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Have done some more experimenting and came up with 2 other models, that is model #2 and #3. The #3 model was done in 2 version, a normal one and another where resolution was increased by one subdivision factor causing a massive increase in size but as you will note in the images, little difference and in fact I cannot see any significant difference despite the data size difference (6.9MB vs 27.5MB).
To save yourself some trouble, simply take the decompressed files and put them into the previous folder and the TGO should open with no error messages....if any problems simply reassign the images within the TGO.
I have included images of the renders in the folder and also below for reference. The texture image is the same as in the previous shared folder higher up !
Hope you can use these in your projects and enjoy these to your liking!
Take care all !

PS: The first jpg shows a render of Model #2, the second show model #3 front and back and finally the last show Model #3 normal (left) and HD (high resolution on the right).





Thank you paul you made a very nice stone(not really fake)
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Hi Guys
Have been toying with this some more and will post the download site for version 7 and 8.....if you are wondering where models 4,5,6 are.....well they are not to my liking and will try to make them more presentable.
There is a problem still with adding power fractals to the default shader. Sometimes the UV mapping start to show with hard lines visible in the texture and have illustrated some of these in the download. Note that this would be a problem in extreme closeups and not on a land spread of a population where you are at a certain distance. So this problems would be more for very closeup foreground elements.
Model 8 has no example other than UV mapping and show none of these and therefore some of the configurations in Blender probably contribute to these artifacts. Model 8 has only image displacement with a grayscale copy of the colour texture with some level adjustment. The displacement is only 1mm and 0.3mm on the 8_2 version, which also has more reflectives.
Hope these can help you and simply download and insert the individual item in the first folder offered and the textures should apply with no error messages...alternatively....add your own textures and bump maps by adding them to the folder and assigning them in the default shader inside the tog's.
Take care and will offer more in the next few weeks !



You're just too generous...........appreciate it.  ;)


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Hi All !
Oshyan is working on my models now and likely to improve them as far as texture aspect !
I have just updated the download file to include the .obj files as they are needed for people who know enough about this to import them into software such as PoseRay.
Hope this helps !
Take care !



Nice share, and much appreciated!   8)


This is Much Appreciated and Very Generous! Thank You!!!


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