Minor feature request

Started by mash, February 11, 2014, 12:41:43 pm

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small feature request.
When switching between shaders it would be great if the shader stayed on the last tab that was used.
For example your comparing the specular settings between two different shaders.
If you look at the specular settings of shader B and then switch to shader A and then back to shader B the tab switches to the first color tab.
Then you have to click on the specular tab again to see the settings.

It's not a real hassle just one of those that could be better kinda things.


This could be useful but could also be annoying to some users. It's hard to say where the balance is, and in cases where things aren't clear-cut, adding a new feature is unlikely. That being said I think there's an easier workaround for your particular need which is to simply use the Stay Open button on the pop-up node settings windows. Double-click a node in the network and its settings come up, click the Stay Open button at top-right, then double-click the 2nd shader and do the same (Stay Open). Now you can compare side-by side, copy back and forth, etc.

- Oshyan