Rendering each object separately / Multiple render layers ?

Started by mathieubr, February 23, 2014, 05:04:11 AM

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HI all,

I am building a scene with a few different objects and would like to be able to edit those populations or objects separately in Photoshop post prod.
Is there a way to render the scene ONCE, producing multiple images with only one object or population on each image, all the other being in "HOLDOUT" mode?
If I use the 5 objects groups in the render Layer, I am only allowed to combine different objects in one render, and holdout the rest.
But How Can I render each one of these groups on a separate image?
I know I can do that with different render Layers, rendering multiple times, changing the active render layer each time.
But because I render large images in a renderfarm, being able to generate those different layers at once would be much cheaper.
Any Ideas?


This isn't possible at the moment, but it might be something we can look at for future versions. Rendering out 3 layers in a single render would of course be quicker than doing 3 separate layer renders, but I wouldn't expect it to be anything near a 3x speedup because holdouts should render much quicker than fully shaded, fully lit, fully atmosphered objects. How do the render times of your layers compare with the full-scene render?

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Thanks for your answer. I have to investigate more closely and compare rendering times before I can answer your question. But even if the rendering time gain is very small, I think this feature would be a great benefit just because of the time it would save in not having to create different versions of the scenes, handling the files, gathering the projects etc. Next time I do it, I will precisely measure times and keep you posted. Thanks.


You can create multiple render nodes with different Render Layers corresponding to your several groups if you want. That saves at least some setup time for each separate render of an object group.

- Oshyan