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Started by TheBadger, February 22, 2014, 09:55:29 pm

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Quote from: TheBadger on February 22, 2014, 10:52:53 pm
Harder to do ANYTHING than free soft in modeling, and crashes just as much. (maya 2014 osx) IM glad I have a full package to learn with for free (student version) But when it comes time to buy, Im NOT buying auto desk! Several thousand dollars and this is what you get? ? NO way, I wont buy any thing from them now.

To be fair Maya 2013 was pretty good, but lacked a lot of basic modeling tools. So I get the upgrade, well, upgrades should not suck more than their predecessor!

Im leaning to MODO & mari, and lightwave... In the future. HArd to say right now. But autodesk can suck it.

I mean really! What does it say when Hexagon2 is a better modeler? (cept for all the crashing  :P) but that is 100% free.

Move to Linux. Modo on Linux is awesome. You also have Mari. I don't post much here anymore because I don't use Windows anymore and hence I don't use Terragen. Funnily enough I arrived here by accident due to another thread about Windows problems on this forum. My Windows 7 system is dead and I can't fix. Unlike Linux I can't find out what is wrong. The only reason I wanted Windows was to use some eprom programming hardware. I spend most of my time on OSX now for audio and Android for daily use. Every time I need to use Windows, it's just a nightmare of problems.


Quote from: TheBadger on February 23, 2014, 05:54:56 pmITs still free for me to use, so onward and forward... I guess.

Lightwave puts watermarks on the renders of its "free" version. The free versions of other packages limit the amount of geometry it will allow. Perhaps Maya disables its bugs when you pay for the license. ;)


QuoteLightwave puts watermarks on the renders of its "free" version. The free versions of other packages limit the amount of geometry it will allow. Perhaps Maya disables its bugs when you pay for the license. ;)

No. The agreement is full usage, but restricted from earning.
Not sure why its so hard for you guys to believe that maya sucks? It really really does for the price. It has lots of bugs.
Maybe it runs right on windows. But if you look in maya forums you will see that even they have tons of complaints.

If maya was a car, it would be a lemon under the law.
It has been eaten.


What a lucky guy I am that I never considered using this. :D Could have been the biggest lemon I ever embarked upon...

Maybe that's a little bit off topic but... As I do my first steps in DAZ 3D right now I had a similar feeling concerning their soft. Before you do anything that's beyond the "tutorial" level of expertise, you need to get product bundles which are VERY poorly labeled and described. As a result it is VERY hard to get something working as suddenly you realize that in order to run blah-blah 1, you need previously released blah-bleh 2 or else. :o You know what I mean...

In my opinion this is worse - you can sink lots of your good money on something that won't work before you finally get to the bundle you really need to run the rest. And there is not a single living soul that can instruct you what to get in the first place! That includes their staff.
"This year - a factory of semiconductors. Next year - a factory of whole conductors!"


Quote from: TheBadger on March 21, 2014, 02:49:51 pmNo. The agreement is full usage, but restricted from earning.

I was joking, Badg. I thought you would find the idea humorous.

I am a Lightwave user so I am thrilled I didn't sell my soul to the devil (i.e. "Autodesk"). I really do appreciate you telling us how buggy and unstable Maya is. Thanks to you, I no longer have to wonder whether the grass may have been greener had I gone that route. Many years ago I bought a package called "Learning Maya 5" when the company was owned by Alias Wavefront. I never got very far with it. I am sure that it is frustrating to spend so much time learning a package only to have to abandon it for another one. You have my sympathy. At this point, if you do go to another package then at least you are not out the license fee. Count your many blessings.


 ;D lol
QuoteI was joking, Badg. I thought you would find the idea humorous.

I DID! But I was not sure you were making a joke, and I did not want to sound to you like I was laughing at your thought. HA! I also thought I was being paranoid about the idea because I thought of it too. But when I read your post I thought, hmmm, maybe I was right. But I just decided to answer directly.

This posting stuff can be maddening. I cant see peoples faces and exspressions, and they can't see mine. So I am rarly confident that things are coming across the way intended.

Ah well. All is well that ends well, or something like that.
It has been eaten.


I'll offer my opinion, what it is at the moment, and it comes after trying quite a few of the software packages out there. I have actually been testing Terragen for a colleague who has been working in Maya and Vue for quite a while. As for Maya, I think it's an amazing program, comparable to and maybe better than many other similar 3D applications. That's not to say it's better all around, or any of them is better all around, since I'm of the opinion that they all take time to learn and then a good artist can get great results with them. I've spent time with many of them, from Pov-Ray years ago, to Softimage, Lightwave, and some others. Each can produce amazing results, but professionally you have to consider what the industry uses in their shops, especially what will matter on your CV. That said, I'm willing to take the time as long as the program can produce great results, doesn't crash too much or suck RAM until it dies, and I can get help when needed. Maya works for me and has produced some terrific animations and models.

Yes, Maya crashes sometimes. But virtually every program will crash given the right circumstances. I wish it was otherwise, but I never have the best and fastest computer with the most RAM, so that likely contributes to some crashes since I tend to throw everything at it. Even Terragen has crashed at times when clicking some button while rendering, or clicking repopulate too many times. Who knows why, but it usually runs fine for days and produces great results. I wish none crashed, but when you've worked on Windows as long as I have you know that a strange combination of software, hardware, drivers. or flaky updates can make programs crash. Still, Maya, like Terragen, is a terrific program in my opinion (though I do agree that the money Autodesk charges is prohibitive for us working class people.)

My 2-cents about the one program I think is a disappointment, and that's Vue (v10/10.5). From watching a colleague use it and seeing his experiences, and some myself, never in my life have I seen a program that will crash as much as that one or that appears so poorly programmed from it's memory management standpoint. I compare that to Terragen 3, which renders like the blazes compared to any render that managed to finish in Vue. Matt should get an award for what he has put into Terragen. It has run a render in less than 45 minutes that I feel is every bit as nice as a similar render in Vue that took almost 24 hours. When I finally rendered a scene in Terragen that would have looked good in an animation, and it only took a little over 30 minutes--you could actually see doing an animation in Terragen, even if longer render time became necessary (at least you'd be alive when it finished and not biting your nails that it was going to crash). Not that Vue can't do nice images, but the crashes made it unreliable and unusable..and it was slow. With an 8-core Intel and 12gb ram I can use Terragen and actually produce amazing and useful results. Comp that into something with Maya and things get moving.

Sorry this got long..but crashes (in Vue) led me to Terragen, so talk of crashing programs and Maya caught my attention. If we could roll Maya into Terragen, that would be sweet. For now, with the Forum and help readily available from all you wonderful people (Jo, Dune, J Weber, Oshyan, and everyone), let's hear it for Matt.


I agree about Terragen and Matt. Having bad experiences with other software (Vue) led me to this fantastic software. I have been using since .9 days and it has improved with each version release. Greatly satisfied.  :)