Can´t load my .tgd files

Started by adinsx, March 04, 2014, 01:40:49 pm

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whenever I try to open my saved .tgd-files in Terragen 3(free) it says "parse error at line 122" and it opens only an empty file.
What am I doing wrong?




The problem is most likely that you have a file path to something in the project which has an accented or non-English character in it. The easiest way to fix this is to open the file in a text editor, look for the problematic character and replace it. Project files are just XML text files so you can edit them in any text editor, for example Notepad. It will most likely be at or near to line 122 of the file in this case. Most text editors let you jump to a specific line.

If you like you can email me the file and I will fix it. My email address is:

After the project file is fixed it won't be pointing to the file any longer so you will still need to fix that.

It's best to keep any files (images, objects etc.) you're going to use with TG in folders which don't have any accented or non-English characters in their names. We will fix this problem in the future, but it will probably be a while because it's tied up with a big chunk of other stuff we need to do to support different languages better.




Thanks, it was the ó in my name in the path
Now it works


GAAA! :o

Thank you for bringing that up!  :D

Had the same problem. "ó" and "ż" are present in one of the color image shaders. I thought it's a memory issue or some other bug but now I'll just try renaming the file!
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