MacDonald lake terrain available for download

Started by pclavett, March 03, 2014, 06:32:01 PM

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Hi guys !
This is the terrain that I used for the MacDonald lake project and basically constructed from DEM data and converted to a .ter file for easy use. It will automatically be the right size and height and ready to use ! It is somewhat big but has good detail.
BTW...the lake comes out flat and uniform in height because of the DEM data. What I did was select it from height and slope (with some fuzzy zone) and displace it downwards to create the lake bassin before the final compute terrain node....but to be able to select it in this way you will need another compute terrain just after the height field load node....or maybe I simply do not know how to do it otherwise.
Hope you enjoy this terrain !

PS Use the following link :



Thanks a lot for this nice file. Let me have a bow :)


That's very nice of you :)
I really liked that picture! I will use it for good :D
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