splines on camera???????

Started by lumalu, February 26, 2014, 11:12:52 pm

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Hi Guys

New to Terragen so excuse the rubbish question,

But for the life of me I can not seem to control the camera at all properly,
I have used many Software before including Vue and Maya, but the Camera interpolation is odd here.

You set One frame, say 4000 meters high, set another low say 10 meters, I want to go from fast to slow and fall high to low, but every time i add key frame it makes a weird bump so it goes up then down like a roller coaster, usually I just use the spline keys to adjust but I just can not get rid of this or even find them.


Any Ideas, Am I doing something completely stupid?



Hi lumalu

I'm new to the animation version myself but I don't think that Terragen has that sort of spline function yet, but it does sound like you have an extra keyframe in there somewhere.  You can remove it by the same method that you add it, however.  Assuming you can track down what frame it is on.


Hi Gareth,

Are you using the Curve Editor in the Animation panel? I don't find it too hard to get the curves I want. If I set a key for the camera height at 4000 and then one at 10 it makes a nice smooth curve. I'm not sure why you're getting a bump, except if there's an extra key somewhere. Looking in the Curve Editor should make things clearer. There is documentation for the Animation Module here:


The Animation Module will get improved spline editing capabilities. You can do a fair bit with what we have now though. You can control the shape of curves with a lot of control by inserting extra key frames.