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Started by TheBadger, March 07, 2014, 12:51:12 AM

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was looking for that thread where people were talking about how they quit smoking, couldn't find what I thought I was remembering.

Anyway I am making a real effort now to quit (costs to much and pisses my wife off too much) Also, I don't really feel very healthy. I used to rock climb, now I'm lucky to get up to the second floor without complaining  >:(

I have tried the patch before, works for crap. Takes the edge off but I always wanted a smoke.

Nic gum works in pinch. But I couldn't stop thinking about when I would get a chance to smoke.

The pills made me have crazy ass dreams, added anxiety, and funny enough, made me smoke 200% more.

I am trying the Electronic Cigarette thing now. Went with "blue" because its everywhere and finding refills is easy enough. And I have to say, this thing really works for me.
I like the whole thing. And I can lower the nicotine does over time.

Been smoking for near 20 years. I have enjoyed it, but I have had my fill.

Hope this works.

Also was thinking about that thread someone posted about staying heathy while we all sit in front of our comps all day every day. Couldn't find that thread too. Anyway I went a nd bought the p90X dvd set used. Guess it works great if it don't kill you first. Would be nice to get cut like a greek god, cause Im modeling statues of those guys, and I think it would be great fun to model my self as Apollo true to form!   ;D heres to hope!
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My colleagues at work also smoke e-cigarettes. It's great that it doesn't stink so much. :D

I never smoked cigarettes (except for one vanilla-flavored cigar to celebrate my MA thesis exam) and I'm quite happy because of that. That's because I do lots of winter sports and thus, I am eager to keep my "respiratory abilities" at its best. What always raises my eyebrows on the slope or on the track is that people ski like mad "for healths" then have a break and... light two cigs in a row! Is it "for healths" too? Sounds like some kind of miracle diet? :D

I wish you luck on your way out of cigs and into the realm of clean air. ;)
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I wish you luck Michael.
For me the hard part was the psychological side.
I struggled for 1-2 until i was over it.
Actually if i didn't smoke like crazy (3 packets a day) i wouldn't try to quit at all.

Just be careful for your weight.I got 20 kg more after quitting.
I hadn't any problem walking up small hills now it feels like your rock climbing.


I stopped by hypnosis It didn't work but cost so much that I felt I had to stop.  The therapist also gave me an image of my lungs looking like the bottom of an ash tray ugh!  If anything that was what made me stop, every time I wanted a cig I thought of the ash tray, worked a charm.


Quote from: mhaze on March 07, 2014, 05:48:13 AM
I stopped by hypnosis It didn't work but cost so much that I felt I had to stop.  ...



Good luck Michael. It is hard as hell to quit but you can do it.
I also smoked about 20 years and tried to quit (Unsuccessfully) several times. Was quite a bastard during the process - wife and daughters threatened to buy me a carton of cigarettes just to shut me up.
It took a certain amount of psychological goading (8 year old daughter came home bawling because teachers told her about all the awful things cigarettes were doing to their parents, and how they (we) might die early ) and some help in the form of the nicotine patch.
There's a trick to that patch.  I found it works better when placed on my upper back or shoulder (not so much on my arms). Don't know why.  But I also found that if I wanted a smoke I could press on the patch for a few minutes and the desire would subside. Forcing more nicotine into my bloodstream?? Again ,  I don't know.
Odd thing was that a couple of years after I quit for good, I could smell cigarette smoke and not have a craving to put one in my mouth.


Yeah Man Good luck and strength for u! The whole forum is with you :)
Do not forget to take vitamins and some protein+some exercise. Your body will like it.
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For me, it was super easy; I never started in the first place.  :D It...helped that I'm allergic to smoke.  But good luck to you, Michael.


Thanks guys, my wife thanks you too for the moral support. Also it makes her sound like she is right and I am wrong, and she likes that.  >:(
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I grew up in a smoking environment - my dad - and smoked a pipe for 30 years or so. The only way to really quit is to do it. Looking for a crutch, whether a patch, e-cigs, etc., is just that - a crutch. Just quit - no crutch - no alternative - no placebos - no nuttin. Stay away from places that allow smoking. I managed to do it about 20 years ago. Make no bones about it, I still would like to light up a pipe now and then. The desire never goes away.

I'll tell you one thing that will serve as a reminder as time passes. Go into your closet and find your favorite  jacket, sweater, flannel shirt, or something like that, that you wear a lot when you smoke. Wrap it up in an airtight plastic bag and put it away. Have ALL the rest of your clothes dry cleaned or laundered. You may not know it now but your sense of smell and even taste is shot! Quit and in about a month go and stick you head in that bag. You will stay quit! Keep the bag sealed and ready - try again after about a year - instant reinforcement.

Good luck - Ed


I had asthma as a kid and still get it occasionally. My maternal grandpa died with emphysema because of his smoking. My dad died of a heart attack at age 65 in large part because of his smoking. I love being able to breath so much that the idea of smoking is really hateful to me. It was more than enough to never even start the nasty habit. Badger, I wish you well. If you overcome the practice, just think how much more money you will have to spend on things you love.


Thanks again guys. Don't mind using a crutch when I got a broken leg. Dont mind now  ;D

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I read that a cigarette has over 40 cancerous carcinogens in each one. Very disturbing stuff.


No harm in admitting that your wife is right when she actually is for once. ;D
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Quote from: ChrisC on March 07, 2014, 10:33:06 PM
I read that a cigarette has over 40 cancerous carcinogens in each one. Very disturbing stuff.

It was reading the "hydrogen cyanide" that really raised my eyebrows.