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Started by ndeewolfwood, March 08, 2014, 07:23:23 pm

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i can't resist to share this with you guys.
I'm pretty sure you will find this awesome.
It's a kickstarter made by people who want to create a plant to MIDI interface.

Some guys made some demo of this technology since a long time, but it's the first "easy to use" and plug and play device and it looks really cool in theory.   


Not sure I would want PETA or ALF believing that any time I cut down a tree or cut my grass that Im killing mozart! Those people are hard enough to tolerate as it is.

HA HA! When I was little I used to pretend my carrots would scream when I ate them. I wonder what music my house plants would make as I pulled leaves off of them?

HA HA HA! Right now some one reading this is comparing me to a murderer!

But seriously, does a forest sound like Bach, or Britney spears? We need to hook these things up to every tree in a forest and find out!
It has been eaten.


They should have 'played' some of the music generated by these plants. This is just talk...


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They're 's a misunderstood.  It's not a device to know how plant "sounds" like. It's a device to use plants as controller.
So you can use any sounds you like or any synthesizer  and make any kind of music from Bach to Britney. 
And no Dune this is not just talk, the concept works and have been used by many people in public demonstration and reproduce all other the world by many artists.
You can perfectly build a basic version of this yourself with some wire and electrode, this is just open/close circuit most of the time.

Check this video. A guys make a Massive Attack Teardrop cover with vegetable.


Baaa, I like the way I thought of it better.  ;D

No just kidding. So that video was pretty cool I must admit. the device makes it simple for others to try this too then? Not a bad idea.
Wish I had some real Musical talent!
The guy in the video made it look like he could do that without even trying.
It has been eaten.


Then I didn't quite understand it...