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Started by TheBadger, March 15, 2014, 01:55:25 pm

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Quote from: Kadri on March 15, 2014, 06:45:58 pm

For what are you trying to convert it by the way?
At the import state of the file?

Im not sure what your asking.
I can tell you that I deleted all but the capital part of the model. I then fit that to my own columns and base that I made and which I like better. My modeling is all quads from the start. So Im trying to convert the Corinthian cap to quads, to attach to my column. Does that make more sense now Kadri?

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You are trying to convert it then.
What i made was only a basic change of the normal smoothing option of the surfaces in the file.
So there aren't real polygon changes from triangle to quad etc. or the number of poly's in the object.

The last image looks closer, but i am not sure Michael.
If that is only for normal surface smoothing without polygon changes , yes that might be it.
In Lightwave it looks like this.


The "Smoothing" option with the "Smooth Treshold 45.0* .


I just tried to convert it with what I have. It did not work. Also I just found a bunch of Ngons. Look at the flower at the very top Kadri. Do you see that? Baaa! I dont think this can be fixed any faster than it would take to make a new one
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I took a closer look and used Poseray too.
It changed a little.
But yes there are some problematic parts as it looks.
Will you go so close to these columns Michael?


Well, I had wanted every single model I'm making for this scene to be photo real even up close. Perhaps not necessarily more than a foot or two. But close. I'm working pretty hard in that respect so it would be unfortunate to have a great building with bad capitals... I don't know though. The columns are such a huge part of any Greek or roman scene I don't want to skimp on it.

Was thinking about buying this one
I like this one best, but it says that it uses Ngons

What do you  think? Fix the one from the op, buy, or try again to make my own? What would you do?

LOL! Oh man. I wish I was faster. I really want to make everything my self, but this scene I'm working on is so big it already has taken a long time. Loosing more days on this capital would suck. But maybe that's just life.
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Looks like as we spoke earlier that you make your life harder then it needs to be.
If you want to make a Colosseum scene will you make the upper row who is shown with only 2 pixels like a high quality object?
I would make a storyboard and make the objects only so good as how close they will be shown in the image or video.
But that is me of course.
I think otherwise you will end up with a scene nobody will see the real dept of the work.

I would only make every object in high quality
if you want to show your modeling skills and each object will be shown in a demo real in closeup.
Depends on you in the end Michael.


QuoteLooks like we spoke earlier that you make your life harder then it need to be.
If you want to make a Colosseum scene will you make the upper row who is shown with 2 pixels like a high quality objects?

;D ;D ;D

Yeah I know. I'm a little bit of a freak. But I do have a reason.
I want to have the assets of each model to use in multiple scenes. So in one it would just be in the background and you will not see all my work, but in image two I may be at that building, or use the building in another context. And I don't want to have to make 3 versions of each model.

So I'm trying to do a lot here as usual Kardi, which is a big reason it takes me forever. But I promice you, when you start to see images from this, you will like it!..I hope :-\
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With this high quality approach i think i will like it Michael :)
And yes if you will use them later in another scene that might be not so much a loss of time at all in the end.


Unless anyone has better advice I think what I will do is make several copies of the OP capital and rip each one apart down to the individual parts, then retopo them in quads, and in this way I can make the leafs like I want them.

Make it like this example:

I'll try the blender idea tonight too. Thanks Z. I actually read about that option today while searching for info. But since you mentioned it I feel better about trying.

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j meyer

Wings 3d has 2options of untriangulating a mesh.I tried them both over the
years and found them to be rather problematic especially when you want to
untriangulate the whole object at once.Triangulating complex models works
better with smaller portions of a mesh generally.
So split it up into workable portions and try to find parts that are used repeatedly
over the model and untriangulate only one and then copy it and replace the
others and so on.
It's tedious,yes,but you learn while doing that and you'll get faster.
No way around gathering practical experience oneself,I'm afraid.


SO ripped that thing apart. Turns out I was pretty close to a good solution on my own model, just gave up before I should have.

By stripping the OP model down I was able to see how I can make my own model work. I was really only having problems with the scrolls and getting some object surfaces placed in a good way.

I, like the the op modeler, went with multi objects to make up the complete form. That is after trying for a good long while to make the capital from one single mesh... Still tempted to buy one of those other models I mentioned to see if anyone out there made their capital from a single mesh.


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See, not as bad as I thought  ;D Thanks for helping to talk me through the problem guys! Im good to go on this again.

I think I'm just going to make my own again now that I have the OP model scrolls to guide me. But Im going to fix this model up too, just in case, so I at least have something no matter what.
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