Free tree collaborate project ? ( 1 free tree ready to alter )

Started by Kadri, April 08, 2014, 06:35:10 PM

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Hi guys and girls,

Zaxxon's post about speed tree reminded me of this file that waited on my hard drive since 3 months or so.
I don't like modeling and so thought why we couldn't do some trees as a collaborate project.

I absolutely know nothing about real trees so this tree might be fully unreal looking.
But please see this as a starting point for others to share...
Or use it as a fantasy kinda tree etc..

There are different trees too somewhere in my hard drive but i have to find them and bring them to a usable size.
Especially after the leaf's they get very big easily.

This tree is not textured , too big probably etc.
It does have some basic UV's ready to use.
The 7z file is 25 mb but the tree is nearly 165 mb. A little too big yeah...
Please feel free to make any changes you want to it and use it for hobby or any commercial project .

The only thing that i absolutely ask for is, if you use it, is to post here the textured or altered version you have made , for others to benefit.

I used this free tree making plugin from Denis Pontonnier who makes great plugins for Lightwave.

I will share other not finished objects here too if i find or make new ones.
But don't count on it ;)

We have some free trees around that you have to search to find unfortunately .
Like MGebhart's and others.Would be nice to have them all in one place.
If we share enough maybe Planetside could put this and all the other threads under a new sticky thread in time.
(I know there is the " Free plant model pack #1" thread but you know what i mean)

This is the bare tree you will find in the file ( link is a OneDrive link ) :

*It is a OBJ file with the same jpg image as below and one readme text file. No textures.*



Kadri, I'll certainly join in, with pleasure. It had always been my intention to share with this community, the meshes that I made with ST: until I discovered the full impact of the eula. I would think that material assets can be added to this library without much problem, meshes are a little more difficult. I have a few modeling apps and after spending some intense hours with ST I probably have a better feel for how to make a tree, so I'll give it go as well. I like your idea!


Thanks and i hope i made it clear on your thread that this is about the EULA's and not you at all :)


QuoteIf we share enough maybe Planetside could put this and all the other threads under a new sticky thread in time.
I think we should already have that!!

Would I have to have LW to participate in this? Is it a special file type? How can I go about doing something with it in the spirit of your post?

Thank you. And a good idea too.
It has been eaten.


I think that many trees and shrubs that are still accessible in that ghost town of ours ( and have all textures alongside can be nicely modified and posted as derivatives here. :)

But yes - do we need Lightwave?
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I should have mentioned that too.
I edited the first post to make it clearer what you will find in the compressed file
It is a OBJ file with the same jpg image as above and one readme file. No textures.
The Original is a Lightwave LWO file but i thought using a OBJ file is the best for this kind of approach.
But if anyone wants a LWO file i can share that too.

The thing about and other files would depend on how they are shared.
Using them would be nice too but asking the original object maker might be the best way probably .

As i said i don't like modeling , sometimes my files wait to be finished for an unnecessarily long time.
If you have such files or want to change my file for example you could share the unfinished object
or finish the object-s in any form you want Michael.
I have at least 3-5 other trees for example that are not finished; without textures etc.
I will share them too here.
You could change the appearance  for a more real looking tree or correct errors
and texture the objects(with textures that are free to use of course).
Better displacements or bump maps etc.
You could make a high poly tree or the opposite a low poly
to use them in distance or for big populations etc. from the files that are shared.
Anything you want in the end.