Imported camera goes wild for 3 frames in any animation.

Started by AC5LT43R, April 04, 2014, 03:29:57 AM

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I've been doing some animations using an imported camera from 3DS Max via FBX and after rendering my 5th sequence I've noticed that there's always 3 frames where the camera seems to go "off course" and shake uncontrollably (with moblur enabled, the frame is a blurry mess) before resuming. Playing the animation in the viewport shows the camera moving just as it should, as does the curve editor. Rendering the single frame T3 renders how it should but whenever I submit the sequence to Deadline, it comes back with 3 dodgy frames.

Any ideas?

Edit: I exported the camera (originally exported from max to T3) back in to Max and checked the curve editor. Apart from the animations starting later (possibly to do with the FPS settings?) there are two points on the X and Y rotation where it goes all nuts, so I'm assuming this is what's causing the issue.