Star Point Terrain

Started by Markal, April 03, 2014, 01:24:14 AM

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I made this terrain about 10 years ago...I saved it many times so the file says 2007 but I know its older. I used this on a few images and even collaborations with other artists. The JPG image is done in TG .9 with a lot of post work. I "binged" space art and I found two of my older images that were posted by others to screen saver sites (this image was one of them) the other was titled "Flare" mention of my name or the software first I was surprised and happy....then I thought, WHY did they repost my image without my permission and I became a little pissed . After some time I realized I don't one is getting rich or making money....maybe someone downloaded it as a screen saver or just saved them as cool files....I posted them and am glad someone appreciated the work enough to share with others. I just wish credit would be given......for the artist and the software used. We all need to be aware of others reposting our work...lets keep informed!!!

Use the terrain file as you want...happy rendering!


That is a cool pic................ :)



Well, whaddaya want from me? DAZ Studio or Disney would... :P

Thanks for the terrain. I'll check it out in some upcoming project and tell where I got it from. :)
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Very cool one man!

You know, I would love a video recording of you making these masks from start to finish. That would be quite interesting too.
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I remember seeing that way back, of course I might also have seem the screen saver version which is why I didn't know it was yours. Great image man...will run it thru TG3 and see what gets born....
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