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Started by inkydigit, April 16, 2014, 04:44:04 PM

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as seen here:,18194.0.html
any questions please feel free to ask...
have fun...
edit: included a tg3 only version too.


Thanks a lot Inky!

I needed me some marble shaders!
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Beauty, many thanks man. One can't have too much marble.
something borrowed,
something Blue.
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thanks, love your statue. Some nice files on that university server, I just have to remember the procedure for exporting as OBJ in Blender :)


thanks Otakar...just select the objest(s) in 'object mode' goto file export as wavefront obj... remember to apply any modifiers if necessary... :)

Jo Kariboo

Very nice result with this experimentation !!!



where in the clip file would I make changes for the size of the object. What I mean is that the texture feels very large on my object. Where do make changes to 'shrink' the scale of the texture so it fits my model better and shows the texture detail as less spread out over the model... If that makes sense.

Also, has anyone played with this yet? What kind of looks have you made from it, or are people just using it as is?

I am testing a temple ruins model I made, and just threw the clip on to see more details in my model. But I would like to alter the clip and get some different results. Going for something more like this:
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Can't you just add a transform shader?


hmmm, no thats not working.
Something is wrong here. I did not do any UVs. And I think that has something to do with this looking so bad.
I thought that having no UVs was good for using shaders as textures. But I am getting tons of stretching and other issues.

I saved a large number of objects out as one object (all the parts of the structure). I think that is a problem as well.

It does not matter though. I was just testing the workflow a little. I'll do everything methodically when the models a really finished. Im sure I'll get it all worked out.
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I found that no UV at all doesn't always work well with world scale shader texturing, but any mapping will, so you might take it through Poseray and map XYZ planar just for TG.

j meyer

To me it sounds like there may be some mapping you're not aware of.
My experience is no UVs = no problems with procedural shading (world space
is not needed at all).
There is a faint chance that maya and lightwave handle no UVs differently compared
to wings3d,though.
I'd like to take a look on one of the models in question.


Hi J.
I can send you one of the unfinished models of a temple Ruin if you want to have a play. The model is mostly finished, but I have to decimate it yet. But other then that its pretty good to go... Well, I still have more polygons than I need, I usually go back when Im done and get rid of unneeded polygons before I map and paint... But in this case the detail level is high for closeups.

If you want it PM me. You have to keep it for your self though.
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