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Started by inkydigit, April 16, 2014, 04:44:04 PM

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@ Ulco and J

Hey, been working on this. Got everything figured out. I will still send when done. Would like to see what you think and how you would do different. Don't hold your breath though, On certain parts, Im mapping every stone so that there will be instant difference.  ;D

^^We need a emotive smiley facee of a suicide by gun shot... Talk about a a tedious process, sheesh!

Ahh, heres one:
It has been eaten.


Just going to put this here since most of the rest of the info needed to understand what Im about to say is already in this thread...

>:("F- WORD!!!" >:(

So I mapped a temple I made. I mapped EVERY SINGLE BLOCK individually (hundreds and hundreds!). I did this so that every block could have a unique texture space and look. I wanted to try some super high quality models to match really well a photo real TG world.

There is a tool in maya called "layout", you can find it in the UV editor under the polygon menu tab in the editor window. I used it to make all my UVs fit into the UV at a size equal to their world space so that the resolution of the faces would all be even and equal.

The thing about it is that layout will loose UVs, there is a bug. I found this out when I tried to import into mud to sculpt.
Many of the UV faces were lost. Hundreds of the little ones that fill the spaces between stones, right where the UVs were really tightly spaced.

It took forever to map in the first place. Not going to do it again. Im re-mapping now in a much more normal traditional way. So every stone will not have its own UV space, rather entire sides of walls will have the same space.

It was the most tedious boring thing I have ever tried in 3D. Just took forever.

What I learned

1) Never add detail before mapping! That is, once I have the form and shape, map, then add edge loops (I know I have said this recently, but it should be repeated often!).

2) Maya is an asshole. I knew already that I did not like Maya, but now I know maya hates me.

3) Im now really good at UV mapping. So thats good I guess.

4) No more doing anything out side of whats normal  :'( I am defeated. Maya killed my spirit.

When I say every stone I dont mean every stone as its own object. But every stone in an object, like a wall, or the floor for example... Just so you dont think im mental, or more mental  :o
It has been eaten.