Stormy Monument Valley (kind of)

Started by pokoy, April 23, 2014, 07:02:09 am

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Been waiting for so long to create something in TG3... finally!

I've been to Bodensee (Lake Constance) with my family last week and after we had impressive looking cloudy weather for the most time I wondered if it was possible to create similar clouds in TG and was surprised to find it's easier than I thought. Needed some terrain and finally played a bit with the Strata shader.
I need to work more on the terrain, especially the foreground, and want to make the lighting a bit more dramatic but wanted to share this one anyways as it already looks kind of finished.


Looks fantastic already! Love the atmo/colors/clouds/rocks and the composition :D
Cant wait to see the final render of this baby ;)
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"Kind of finished" ? I like it already as it is. Look great :)


Yeah, pretty impressive as it is. Those clouds are magnificent. Perhaps, if you want to do something about the terrain, give it a little more diversity in strata, I mean, mask it so it's not too regular. Maybe something on foreground and then higher settings to erase the grain. Stunner!


Thank you all. Actually it's hard to stop tweaking the cloud settings, it's so much fun.
I guess I'll add some rocks in the foreground and some subtle vegetation on the closer plateaus. I' also try adding a subtle dust layer over the ground and see how this looks.

Forgot to mention that there's some heavy PS work, I wanted it to look like an old photo from the 60s, hence the noise and hue shift.


I like it a lot. I do like the clouds in the foreground (kind of dramatic purple, very nice)



Decided to refuse working today and messed around with this instead.

I think I have f*ed up the sky at some point so it looks kind of painterly instead of photoreal, but I added some vegetation and a dust layer and took some time to play with light directions.

Next will be reverting the clouds to what I had and adding a dead tree and some rocks in the foreground... As this will take some time I guess I won't be able to update for the next few weeks.

Still, let me know what you think about these two, I'm not sure what's wrong with them but they're not where I'd like them to be.


This is just brilliant! Well done pokoy!
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Its really very very good. Print it!
It has been eaten.


First one has the best light, IMHO.


Dell T5500 with Dual Hexa Xeon CPU 3Ghz, 32Gb ram, GTX 1080
Amiga 1200 8Mb ram, 8Gb ssd



Thanks for the feedback.

I agree, the first one really has something that's missing in the others. I'll make some minor changes to the lower cloud layer but will keep the general look and lighting. I also want to have different rocks in the background, the ones I have now are too regular.

Will have a look at GrowFX as welll, it's a tree generator plugin for max I have purchased long ago but never actually installed. I'd like to have a dead, dry tree in the foreground to make the image more interesting - but who knows, it might be another bad idea  ;)

Thanks guys!