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Started by yossam, May 23, 2014, 02:20:01 am

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I have a very large .obj file that I am trying to run thru Poseray but keep getting an "Out of memory" message. Has anyone else had this problem? Is their any software that will lower the size of the .obj without losing the UV coordinates of the mesh?

Any help would be appreciated...........I am in uncharted territory.  ???


The only thing I sometimes have is that big files take ages to load, especially if there are numerous parts. You may try to flush its memory somewhere, don't know if that's possible. Don't have any other software running, that sort of thing. Or upload, so someone else can do it. I wouldn't know about software to decrease size simply.

j meyer

You could try MeshLab(it's free),although I'm not sure,if it keeps the UVs.
ZBrushs Decimation Master does.