Introducing Project Morpheus

Started by TheBadger, July 01, 2014, 03:52:33 pm

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This is the latest I could find..................


I played doom3 years ago so I think Im not getting what you guys are talking about?

On the gore/horror shooter VR idea. Im sure I would play that too. But I am already worried about people who are on the edge, playing these games and then going to a mall to do it in reality. Probably will need background checks for video games soon :-\
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sorry I was not clear before...I saw Doom 3 on the Ocolus...presented by John Carmack...and since I setting money aside to buy the Oculus. If Carmack thinks it is cool then I think the same :D :D
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^^ Ahh, cool. Im glad to see he was using that with xbox. I like their community better, there are more people I think. And I have heard the xbox live servers are more stable and faster than sony?
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