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Started by Dune, July 04, 2014, 10:44:56 am

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A new work; stone age settlement near a swampy depression. It will have a lot of trees and shrub, as well as some folk doing their Stone Age thing.
First test (detail) of the sandy campsite; some tents I need to refine and first grasses. Idea is to make it a hazy sunrise, with vapor among trees and over swamp. It's looking great in my imagination, but I still have some problems to tackle (mainly the people).


Great start in "Dune quality". I am sure it will be another masterpiece. Pls keep post how it goes :D
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It looks already great,especially the water reflection and the grass part.


Upon Infinity

It's a good start.  I guess those tipis didn't give you so much trouble.
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Looks like this could be fun to follow...


A great start Ulco. I'm looking forward to following the evolution of your creation.


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Nice start, looking forward to seeing how this turns out.  Just one thing I find the shadows cast by the grass distracting.


What is that grass Ulco? And where can I get some? Dose it come in more greens?
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It's just the internal grass clump, nothing fancy, and you can color it every way you want. I used the terrain colors through a transform world scale.

Here's some more tests. More woods will follow, so this empty horizon will be wooded. And I would like the shadows in the tent to be darker, but how?...

I'm not sure about the clouds and light yet; I think a morning haze would be nice...

j meyer

"...And I would like the shadows in the tent to be darker, but how?..."

You could try a crop render without Gisd maybe.
Or a negative lightsource or spotlight.
Or Pshop.
Just some spontaneous musings.


This is coming along very nice. Is the depiction of North America? I ask because of the Teepee tents.

I like what you do with the default grass; its dry color variations and clumping. In all that last, full view image is beautiful. From it, I would expect you will be making a number of different POV's. 


Great work again !


I agree  to trying a negative light...great start, heh heh heh...better than most of my finished images.
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Upon Infinity

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Lighting is easy.  Reduce the strength on surfaces in your GI.  Also increase GI detail.
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