Crater in Siberia

Started by yossam, July 16, 2014, 10:28:26 pm

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Is this real, or CG?

According to the story going around, the helicopter pilot spotted this recently in Siberia. It is supposed to be 260 feet in diameter. A small Tunguska? Or is it Mole people?


It's probably one of Martin's (Dandel0)  fixups  ;D


Quote from: yossam on July 16, 2014, 10:28:26 pm
Is this real, or CG?

This is the problem. Since CG is so good these days anything can be faked. I mean looking that bad quality photo... :D

BTW this one is also interesting:
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Thanks for the link...............interesting stuff.  :o


I dont think the OP is real. Looks great though.
It has been eaten.


Pretty sure the mole people are behind it.. ;D



I am not yet clear why these are different than Cenote, or any other sinkhole-type phenomenon:

Perhaps because it's so cold, they expect frozen water to not behave the same way at saturation? But I think that may not be the only mechanism to form these. Anyway, they are all over the world, some quite similar looking...

I shall suspend my astonishment for a while longer... :D

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