Problems with textures!!!

Started by Miikan77, August 02, 2014, 09:19:36 PM

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I'm kinda new with terragen and i have problems with textures. problem is that terragen doesn't "move" textures with object when i turn object....and result is that texture and object are misaligned...  in other programs textures work correctly(Daz3d and blender etc..) i have tried to change projection type(image projection) in terragen but nothing really works .  and one thing is also that when i use textured objects in terragen and i would like to scale object larger  but then textures are tiling smaller and smaller and smaller. textures only look good in scale of 1.  how i can fix this? shader is usually Default shader when i use selfmade objects.


Welcome to the forum, first of all.

Did you UVmap your objects? In that case the textures you call through the default shader should stay on 'their place', if UV is ticked (it's default). If not, the textures will have the projection from TG (and there are several options), but will shift indeed if scaling or moving the object. So best is to properly map your objects in your modeling program. Or take them trhough Poseray for a more simple way of mapping, if that gives good enough results.