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Started by Mahnmut, August 05, 2014, 09:29:12 AM

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Hello together,
I can´t figure out the geog image map shader.
I try to use a set of global masks in jpg format(for ice, rock, sand, forest, whatever). All these masks are derived frome one global map, being basically layers of one file they are completely congruent. When I want a geog image map to cover my whole planet, I obviously need coordinates like in the attached image. By trial and error I found out the combination that matches my base maps orientation. Assuming that the same coordinates that work for my rock map will also work for my ice map, I copied the geog image map shader and only changed the image file. But that doesn´t work, sometimes I have to change the coordinates, and sometimes it doesn´t appear at all. I don´t understand that.
Any ideas?


There is a bug in Terragen 3.1 which might be causing this. In some case, in the Geog Image Map Shader, georeferencing doesn't work after you load a different image into the shader.

For example, if you do the following, georeferencing will stop working: Create a Geog Image Map Shader and select a file. Verify that georeferencing is working. Uncheck "auto georeference" (but leave "georeference" selected). Load a different file. Georeferencing parameters are ignored.

I'm not sure if this is what's causing things to go wrong in your project, but try the following workaround.

Click on "Explicit positioning" then click on "Georeference". Georeferencing now works.

This bug will be fixed in Terragen 3.2.

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Aside from what Matt mentioned, being able to use a global georeferenced image map in the Geog Image Shader is something which might not always work satisfactorily. I noticed this but didn't have time to address for the initial release. I will need to look into it more at some point to check it is working properly.




Sounds like this what happens here.