New "Function Nodes In Practice" forum area

Started by Oshyan, October 10, 2019, 03:18:48 PM

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Recently we had some interesting and passionate discussion around the idea of a dedicated area to discuss, explain, and show examples and sample files for how to work successfully with Function Nodes (i.e. blue nodes). Today we're pleased to announce we have created a new, dedicated forum section for exactly this! We are also grateful to be joined by veteran Terragen artist and forum member Hetzen, AKA Jon West, as the moderator of this new discussion area. Jon is currently adding some initial content to many of the node entries, and these will be expanded and improved over time based on discussion and posted examples from others.

To make sure the most useful and accurate content gets maximum visibility, the majority of this forum will have posts and replies focused around specific nodes and node types. Discussions around particular function nodes will occur in a dedicated thread for each one, and the best content will be promoted by the moderator(s) to the first post in the thread, so it's always easy to access and well organized. There is also a more open Function Node General Discussion area for questions and discussion that don't center on a specific node.

Head on over to the new section, see what useful info you can glean, and add any contributions you can!

- Oshyan


Awesome news.
Nice to see that my "nagging" come to fruition :)
Thanks Hetzen for taking care!!!
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I am glad to see a dedicated area for the "Blue nodes" I've been trying to figure out how to use them for a long time with not much luck, maybe now with having Terragen 4 Pro, I can get some work done!
Put that in your pipeline and smoke it!