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Planetside partners with Pixel Plow as Official Render Farm

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We're excited to announce Pixel Plow as our new Official Render Farm. We've spent some time with their platform and have been really impressed by its features and usability. Best of all, their prices are the lowest in the industry, making animation (or high resolution still image) rendering finally affordable for all. If you can afford to buy a beer, you can render yourself a nice little animation for about the same price. :) 

We've done some render tests showing speed and pricing, and written up more details here:

- Oshyan

I can surely recommend them myself, having worked with them as a tester for a while; tremendously efficient workflow. 

Does sound good! And Im glad for the example in the link.

Can I ask what happened to the other venders?

Great news, time to start a little render fund :)


--- Quote from: TheBadger on August 23, 2014, 07:49:25 AM ---...Can I ask what happened to the other venders?

--- End quote ---

While I can't speak for Oshyan or any Planetside staff, our internal comparison of Pixel Plow vs. The Ranch showed Pixel Plow as the clear winner in every category (workflow, performance, completion time, efficiency, cost...).  Sure, you can say we're biased, but run a test yourself and see.

The Pixel Plow crew has been looking forward to partnering with Planetside for quite a while.  After all, it was my use of Terragen that got me interested in building a public render farm service in the first place.  Sure, we support lots of other render apps, but Terragen is still my personal favorite.


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