planetary craters and atmosphere base colours

Started by DarkLane, September 26, 2014, 10:17:43 am

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New to Terragen and just trying out a simple planet with a number of crater shaders (5).
It´s a creepy green planet that´s been nuked but what I can´t understand is why the craters are colored the bright green of the atmosphere haze colour and not the planet object´s base colour which are much darker. Am I just missing something with the lighting or does the reflectivity of the crater cause this? Can I adjust it? How?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.[attach=1][attach=2]


It could be the problem that the haze is coloring the lowest areas the most (which is logical), so inside the craters the haze is most visible. Can't you do without the haze? Or raise it, so it won't be most in the deep craters?


Ah now I see, thanks for that. gotta work on logic half of my brain