Loading Xfrog OBJ's into T3

Started by Erwin0265, November 03, 2014, 07:35:41 PM

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It seems you really need to take care to have normals ánd have them point the right way, but I always thought normals were always there, as a logical consequence of the face itself. I noticed in some DAZ stuff (like shoes) that they're flipped. I guess because they should more easily conform to the foot normals of the character, that's what they recommend in LW at least.

j meyer

Normals are there as long as you are in the software,but some don't export normals
to keep the file size reasonable and since any decent modeler or package computes
normals it's usually no problem.Just TG does not unfortunately.
An example for the file size:the model I found recently had ca.22mb and after adding
normals it had ca.45mb.Sometimes it's a bit less,but at least a third more,depends
on the software,too.Makes a big difference using really high poly meshes.


Ah, didn't know that. So there's another task for Matt  ;)


Looks like there have been a few posts added since I last checked out this thread.
Oshyan, I have finally got my graphics PC back; the store I purchased some replacement parts from (By "some", I mean, a new MB, CPU, 32GB of RAM and a few extra fans - all of which needed replacing on a 5 year old rig! It's disgusting the "quality" of electronic components nowadays) were fantastic and methodically tested all of the RAM, etc (hence taking so long; 32GB of RAM alone, takes quite a while to test) as well as getting me in to show them exactly what was happening as they were unable to repeat the problem on the bench whilst testing (None of the technicians were graphic art savvy; graphic games was the depth of their knowledge in that area).............
So after testing for 3 weeks, they finally found the problem; it was the 5 month old CPU. Ironically, all of their usual bench tests showed the CPU to be fine; it was only when they tried to render a WIP image I had been working on in T3 that the problem arose.
Changing the CPU for a new one eliminated the problem.
So what was potentially going to cost me several hundred dollars for the testing alone (fortunately, they have set prices up to a certain number of hours; after which the price remained the same) ended up costing me nothing and they replaced the CPU straight away, even though the boss insists warranty items be returned to the manufacturer to await their response BEFORE replacing an item - which could have meant another month or so............................

Anyway, after all that, I'm ready to upload those tutorials I wrote relating Xfrog OBJ to T3.
When you have the time, could you get back to me to lmk how/where/etc to upload them for others to hopefully make use off............
OK, who farted?


Fantastic! Glad you got through without a fee, sounds like a bit of an ordeal. I'll sort out the upload/link/share procedure and let you know the details as soon as I can. Welcome back. :)

- Oshyan