Iceland 1

Started by AP, November 04, 2014, 01:44:13 PM

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I started some more tests today. Lava boulders with some crystals. I am not done yet as they need more tweaking.


I should have mentioned the scene is without an atmosphere and the lighting is not finished. It will probably be brighter when I add it later to the new scene.


Another direction I am taking. There still needs work on the old lava fissure and maybe should I throw in a Cinder Cone in the distance to the left? Plants will still be added later here and there.


Wow, really massive! Like this direction the most so far. There is lots you can do with the finer points on this one.

Quoteand maybe should I throw in a Cinder Cone in the distance to the left?

My argument would be no. If only because it sounds like an after thought, or some preconceived commitment to have one no mater what. But cant say for sure until you try. I would rather see you obsess over the small details that this needs to really get it the rest of the way. teak the composition, rocks dirt colors plants, the little things. imo
It has been eaten.


Not too much left to do as far as I can see. I was more against the Cinder Cone myself because it would be too much in one scene.


Great overall structures and sense of scale, yes! Reminds me of some areas around Thingvelir. I think your small-scale detail is far too regular/repeating, so you need some more scales of detail, and more break-up. Refine. And maybe some specific point of interest? A lone hiker or photographer, a sunset, a volcano...

- Oshyan


If you mean the tiny common bumps. It is supposed to be moss. I might alter the colors to create more variation there. I could rethink a Cinder Cone???


The sense of scale is not immediately apparent, so a figure or something recognizable would be good. Maybe lift the camera a bit or shift it to the left so you look more into the gully (or ravine?). I like the colors and light. Will you be adding stuff like grass?


I am hoping when I add plants that it fixes the scale issue. No grass. This is moss covered stones. I might move the camera but I do not want to center the gully entirely. It might deserve more attention for certain.