Vortex circuit.

Started by bla bla 2, November 05, 2014, 10:13:52 am

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November 05, 2014, 10:13:52 am Last Edit: November 06, 2014, 06:19:01 am by bla bla 2
Bonjour, j'ai un problème, j'ai utiliser le "vortex shader" et mon circuit est devenue ovale, c'est ce que je voulais.
Mais parcontre, le problème c'est que le circuit est répété par le "vortex shader". Et, du coup ça rend moche.

Je veux voir le circuit tous seul, sans répétition.

Je vous passe le fichier, si, vous trouvé le problème, dite le moi, s'il vous plaît; merci. :)


I have an issue, I used the "shader vortex" and my Circuit became oval, is what I wanted.
But against the problem is that the circuit is repeated by the "vortex shader." And suddenly it makes it ugly.

I want to see the circuit alone without repetition.

I give you the file, if you found the problem, called me, please; thank you. :)

(google translate).

j meyer

Did a quick inspection of your file.
The node network works fine except for the last group (murs_int)
there must be a mistake,but I couldn't find it quickly,sorry.
At least it's a hint where to look for the mistake.


Why would you use the vortex shader? The vdisp should do what you want, set at a different value than zero, that is...

bla bla 2

Salut, je trouve que le vortex shader rend plus réaliste pour les circuits. Les virages sont plus courbés.

Hi, I find that the vortex shader makes it more realistic for the circuits. The cornering are curved.

And, is what vdisp ? Vector displacement ?


Yes, you have it in there already.

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J'ai trouvé par ma méthode. Je suis désolé Ulco. ;)

I found by my method. I'm sorry, Ulco. ;)

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Il faut que je trouve comment mettre la route à 45° degrée.

I must find out how to route the 45 ° degree.

(not sûr of translate)