Iceland tests

Started by choronr, November 05, 2014, 08:52:07 pm

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Just a beginning which I'm not too happy with. Not pleased at all with those ice flows on the river.

Need to be closer to the ground in order to capture some depth. Adding some plants later will certainly make an improvement.


You need to use less octaves for your iceflows, and harden the color. Or use fake stones as a basemask.


Thank you Ulco for your suggestions. I'm seriously thinking of scrapping this project and going onto another setup. This one is too flat and uninteresting. I did try your suggestions regarding the ice flows but it did not improve much. I have three different setups for them and tried each individually and in combination - all did not look too well.


QuoteThis one is too flat and uninteresting

Disagree. I thought at first you were going to concentrate on the river part.

in this reference
With lots of the river in view the flat areas look really cool. The mounds add a lot too.

It has been eaten.


I've got a much better one going hopefully. May be a few days before I can post it with some improvements I'm working on.