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Started by mhaze, November 09, 2014, 06:30:38 AM

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Looking real fine Mick. Good luck to you.


That looks really cool, all the details and the water is masterful.


Quite nice. The beach and reflections remain my favorite part, those are stunning. The rest is nice too, unusual aurora color, and the lighting is maybe a bit *too* good (back off the exposure a notch or two perhaps?), but overall it's a beauty.

- Oshyan


Agree with whats been said for the most part.

The things I like best are the ice and the beach.  The boats are great, but I don't think that they should sit the same on the beach, they look like copies, but if you turn the one on the inside a bit I think they will look like two different boats. And you may be able to use it to help lead the eye up to the camp. Pretty good composition too I think.
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I agree with everybody. Turned out really nice (though there are still some things that I would change, but I won't nag you with those).


Thanks all, Oshyan thnks for reminding me about the light - I turned it up to check some details and forgot to turn it down again!  Dune, please, nag away.  I'm interested in your comments, I have some more thoughts myself this morning so speak out.


1. I don't think you need the runoff from the mountain, it's less realistic than the rest, obviously a warped SSS, even if it's a PS mask. Water across the beach can come from melt.
2. I would add a dirt/rot PF (world scale) across the boats, so they differ in texture/darkness. If they've been there a while parts may be quite blackish.
3. I would soften the smoke quite a bit, especially higher up!


1, Done already
2, worth a try, they are a bit uniform in colour.
3, Hmmm...


A darker version, without Dune's suggestions, I still have to play with those.

j meyer

As for the boats my impression is they are too dry.Considering the puddles
they're lying in and the barrel(?) next to them.
That said,nice image,keep going.


Lots of eye candy Mick, looking forward to your final submission
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Ta!  I'm working on a refined image but there is still more I can do.....


Mick, is anything ever really finished?


Yes  - sometimes.  However I could for example throw away the terrain and start again!


Quote from: mhaze on January 18, 2015, 05:12:54 AM
Yes  - sometimes.  However I could for example throw away the terrain and start again!

lol, and that is why I never finish anything  :-\ ;D Don't be like me! I am terrible.

I wanted to say that I looked at this image on my phone which has a very nice screen. THis image looked REALLY REALLY fantastic on it. I guess for much the same reason that thumbnails often look so nice. A final render with high settings should tighten up all the pixels and will be really good here... Once you have settled on everything else that is.
It has been eaten.