2 super tiny, little, almost nothing feature requests

Started by TheBadger, November 10, 2014, 09:21:29 pm

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So how annoying this will be I don't know. But...

1) at some point in the future, would it maybe be possible to have a button in TG that switches the units of measurement?
I still after all this time do not visualize meters without converting to feet. KM to miles and so on. I do understand meters of course. But the irritation comes in when thinking visually of what I am trying to make. I as an american do think of feet and miles (even yards sometime) when thinking of distance.
It would just be a nice thing to have. Wont die without it or anything. would just be nice.

2) A reset to default button for all settings or tabs.
requested before I know, but we should really have this!

It has been eaten.