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Started by TheBadger, November 17, 2014, 05:06:06 pm

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2, yes-ish. It adds some veg color variety, which is good. The volcano is an interesting addition, but perhaps blends a little oddly with its adjacent smaller hills/mountains (it looks like the edge profile flows into the mountain on the left, a sort of "tangent" in artistic terms, I believe). "Other" I don't really like, the veg colors look rather more unnatural.

You're making progress with 2 though...

- Oshyan


The sky seems somewhat overexposed. Might be a good idea to reduce it some. I like the ancient pillars, that is neat.


I like the last two images. The pillars are a nice addition.


Lots to work out yet. But take a look at this  ;D

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That looks already promising! Are these clouds?


Hey Hannes. It is a Maya sim. DT just released a tut. What great timing! This part will be really a great way for me to bridge what I know and don't.

The biggest road block for me is not any individual part of 3d/VFX. I think my understanding is good enough there. But I have lots of problems understanding how to make things sing together. A bit like knowing instruments, but not how to conduct a symphony. You know what I mean.

In the case of this contest, the rules are (as I understand them) that we can do whatever we like so long as everything we do is rendered in TG.
In this case, it will be a learning experience on how to get all of that out of Maya and into TG. I would think that the traditional thing to do would be comp it. But I honestly would rather render it in TG so I don't have any unreal lighting issues to fix in post.

I think it will be some fun.
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Ah, I really thought you did that in Terragen. Maybe you can get something similar in TG with a few localised, grey and very dense cloud layers?! Just a thought...


There are some metacloud files about, maybe that can help, or a painted cloudshape... as comping is out I'm afraid. But it's hard to make photoreal, so a thin smoke column might be easier.


Yeah, like I said, it would be rendered not comped, so no need to be afraid  ;D

As to the ideas about using clouds. I do think that would be a worth wile challenge on it's own. But right now I don't think I want to spend a hundred hours trying to do something in TG that I can do in 1 hour with particles in maya (assuming I can get that into TG as an object or whatever). Besides, I have a hard time believing that anyone could make a real sim eruption with TG clouds.

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I actually think that this is doable in Terragen Michael.
If it is worth to try it here instead in another dedicated software is another thing.
There are more then one way even.
With masks on one big cloud or using more then one animated cloud together like below for example.
I used only one basic cloud to test it crudely.
With more time and more random looking clouds it could be convincing.



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pap ^^ ?

Well that looks pretty cool on its own! But there is no convincing me that TG clouds are going to do the work of particles.
People do wonders with TG; waterfalls, rain, other things of this nature. But those are technical achievements within TG not really accomplishments in Photo real VFX imo.

But yes I will use clouds too, just as clouds, and things that are cloud like. Not lava and rocks being blasted into the sky.

Just my feeling. Im pretty convinced of it though.
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I still think it can be done. It would be hard probably.
But i would too use a software like Turbulence FD or similar if i had to ;)


Great stuff Michael, I too like the pillars...
Some nice details going on in all of these...
Cool cloud too kadri

Zairyn Arsyn

i like the render with the pillars, reminds me of Skyrim a little bit
good looking bog too :)

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