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Started by mhall, November 19, 2014, 08:54:02 pm

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Ran across this thread over on ...

It references this Code Project:

The author of the project has chimed in over on BA and is willing to open source it for Blender. I thought some of what he was doing looked interesting and I know that there is a desire for more noise types in TG, so I thought I would share.



Very interesting. I had seen his original article previously (not sure where it was linked from, maybe even here), but I see he's evolving it and working on some interesting additions, as well as adjusting the license to possibly be compatible with Blender (MIT). Nice! I could see someone implementing it with the forthcoming SDK.

- Oshyan


Nice post Neighbor! (we live like 50 miles apart!!)  That's some very cool info, thanks. Be nice to see it happen with that "forthcoming SDK"  :)


Yes, I'm very intrigued by the possibilities of the SDK! I only wish I knew enough math and the programming languages to work with it (my programming experience is all web-based/javascript, etc.)


Note that the fade function, is the product of the complement of a soft step function on each axix.