Colouring Terrain

Started by Erwin0265, November 23, 2014, 06:48:43 AM

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Sorry, "made" should be *main*. The main shader chain, i.e. the shader network that starts at the Terrain group, with your Terrain shaders, and proceeds through the Compute Terrain into the Shaders group, then into the Planet object. You would put the shader (node) you want to visualize in-between the last shader in the network and the Planet node.

There is some documentation on the node network and data flow here (needs to be updated a bit, but still useful):

- Oshyan


I had a feeling that's what you meant, so I have already tried it and (of course) it works beautifully.
Thanks for the link - some more reading to do - but it's so good to see the data base increasing in size as this is always what has limited Terragen's accessibility to new users (imho)..........
OK, who farted?