Iceland - A Northern Fantasy

Started by zaxxon, January 11, 2015, 05:47:19 PM

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A fair number of false starts along the way. This is a tough theme in my estimation, without having been to to Iceland, relying on photos, especially with the dynamic phenomena of the Aurora. I've titled this image as a 'Fantasy': because after all the research and images viewed it still amounts to what my 'feeling' of  Iceland is.  And that sense is: Volcanic, Cold, with a Magic Sky. Here with a month to go some of my own directions forward:  tweak a bit with the aurora, maybe some deep snow on the foreground rocks, maybe a slight POV shift (minor). The starfield is from Dandel0,19264.0.html (thanks again - nice utility). Thanks to Choronr and Dune for some insights along the way.


Looks great so far.... Lovely looking aurora! Keep on!


Great sky, suggestion- change up the POV to avoid that hard horizontal shoreline. Really a promising start here
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I am not so sure about the rocks and snow. Perhaps you should do some more work on those. The sky is great!


Thanks for the feedback folks!
Ulco: yeah, the snow and rocks are both a bit simple at this point, looking at some deep snow set-ups from the forum archives and may apply a texture to the rocks.
Danny: Thanks. I'll tweak with the POV a bit more.
Inky: Thanks Man.


Nice work on the Aurora. These are a combination of softness and brightness in the right places - really difficult to replicate. Agree regarding the snow. I think you need more of it to better balance the grayness of the rock/stones. Dry moss maybe?


Great lights. Agree that the terrain need more attention now that you got such nice effects in the sky. It will look very good I think.
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Fantastic fantasy I would say. Just add some color to the... clouds? I believe? And darken the sky.
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