Grass Clump without Grass?

Started by Irmisato, December 27, 2006, 06:47:11 AM

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I have a wish for the final TG2....

I would like to have an empty clump like the Grass Clump, for texturing it with whatever I want. Or something that can lay an Image map or displacement map on the Terrain with coordinates, which I can specify by myself.
For example: I make an object, tell the object to be 20 kilometers long and four meters broad, so I can put the texture of a road on it and it lies exactly on the terrain. And now there should be a possibility to make curves.

Or ist that possible? Is there a trick to do so? Can I put something else instead of the grass into the grass clump?


I don't think I quite understand what you're looking for. You can already take an image map and/or displacement map and "lay" it on the terrain with a specified size, repeating options, etc. Use an Image Map shader, load your image, set it to PlanY projection, increase the size to whatever size you want it to be (start with 1000x1000 if all you need to do is see it initially), and then you should see it projected on the planet. You can use a Default Shader, which has inputs for Displacement, Color, Luminosity, etc. and then feed Image Map shaders into those inputs with PlanY projection and appropriate scale. That's probably the easiest way to get both displacement and color (and opacity, if desired).

Once you have all that working you can turn on tiling or blend it with another shader to get additional control and other effects.

- Oshyan


Thank you for answering me.

Since I put my question here in the forum, I tried a lot of things and now I know, my question was a bit stupid.
The usage of an Image Map, which I did not understand before, was exactliy what I was looking for.