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Started by inkydigit, December 01, 2014, 05:43:56 PM

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Hmm, honestly it's hard to say if Receive Shadows is doing anything for the "steam" cloud layer. I wasn't sure if it would, it depends on the sun angle relative to their position in the terrain. I thought perhaps some areas should be getting shadow from that nearby mountain and that having those shadows would make the steam look more well-integrated with the image. I actually do think that crop looks a tad better in that regard, though I don't see any obvious mountain shadow. So, hmm... :D

- Oshyan


I have been wondering about the big hole. IS that one of those... What do U call it...  some kind of hot mineral pool?  ;D Sorry just cant think of the terms now. But I was curious if you were going to add steaming water?

With the people standing around I definitely see that there is a story with it being there. And I have no complaint about it at all. I was just hoping to see one of your renders of it with the water, just for fun. If you did one.
It has been eaten.


Jason, adding the figures and the truck gives a great sense of the overall scale. Tweaking away as you nave been really has this one coming out beautifully.


Thanks folks!
@ Oshyan, yes the 'cloud/steam' layer has gained some subtle variation in lighting... I was hoping for some more dramatic effect.... So I guess it all depends on sun angle and landscape; it's not going to be as effective everywhere!
Still, like I said, some subtle change has helped imho...
I might try plugging in a power fractal or similar to the shadow slot in the cloud layer, see if that yields any results...
Still tweaking the models...
@ Michael, yes I had thought of some water, also some lava pool at one point lol... We shall see, cutting it fine for messing about with water settings...!
Had a quick test... Hmmmm as the crater is in shadow, it is hard to get the water to look how I want... Maybe tinker some more after Saturday :)


Distant geyser...




Terragen 3 creative + animation license


thanks folks!!
lol, it will cost you though!



Yep that's the Icing on the cake Jason.   ;D
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Tell us Inky; image map on plane? Or blue node triangle mask?



Whoa, how the heck did ya do that now? Surely not just a cloud layer....


I think Jason is going to have that patented.