On Sale: Upgrade your copy of TG3 for the holidays!

Started by Oshyan, December 05, 2014, 08:47:27 pm

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December 05, 2014, 08:47:27 pm Last Edit: December 05, 2014, 08:49:11 pm by Oshyan
Howdy folks. To get in the holiday spirit this time around, we decided to run a unique kind of sale especially for our loyal users. Through the month of December, existing owners of Terragen 3 can upgrade to their version of choice and just pay the difference in price, no more upgrade fees! This could save you up to $60 on standard upgrade pricing. So if you've been thinking about tinkering with animation or are missing some features of the higher versions, grab yourself an upgrade and have a Happy Holidays!

To take advantage of the sale, just login to the online store with the account you used to buy Terragen 3 originally and you should see the reduced upgrade pricing in the Terragen Products area: http://planetside.co.uk/store-login


- Oshyan


Is there a chance for a Santa gift also on new users? I'm lurking TG deals for so long time and still nothing. I hoped for something on black friday, or xmas...



Hello Umberto. We don't generally announce sale plans ahead of time, but I can at least tell you that we do not intend to run any additional sales before the end of 2014.

- Oshyan


Hello Oshyan,

Well, that's good to know. Only 10 days before the end of 2014 :D
After that, who knows...

Thank you!


Yep grabbed it straight away, thanks for the heads up !!!