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Started by Oshyan, December 05, 2014, 09:40:02 PM

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Long term contract. High resolution, photorealistic terrains. Modeling form photos. High detailed. contact:  iam@geekatplay.com


MPC is looking for Digital Matte Painters with Terragen experience. Get in touch if that's you! https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/MPC/743999685605297-digital-matte-painters-dmps-or-environment-tds

- Oshyan


Hello, as some long time members might know, I am making an action packed, steampunk themed fully CG animated short film titled Cyan Eyed. I am looking for someone to help me take the scenes I already have to the next level. While this is a paid job, at the same time, this is for an independent short film, so if you are considering applying, please take into account that I won't be able to offer industry rates.

Most of the film takes place in the sky on a flying skyship, there is also a sequence of characters falling through the sky to the ground, and a few shots at ground level. World renown Skywalker Sound has provided the amazing sound design, and some of the best players in Hollywood performed on the orchestral score. The film is being run through Shotgun which takes care of all versioning, communication and task management. Practically all of the animation tasks and assets are complete, about 40% of the shots have already been lit and rendered, and key shot comps are just beginning.

Below are some examples of existing setups that I have made, and while I could be satisfied with the current quality if I ran out of time, I know it can be even more amazing, after all, the title of the film is an anagram for 'eye candy'! The time of day for each setup is locked, and I'd prefer to not change the cloud layout if I don't have to (unless there is a much cooler idea), but almost everything else is up for interpretation. The world is a parallel version of Earth set in Victorian times, and I'm willing to see if any of the following more fantasy-like ideas may look cool:
  • One or more moons
  • A moon is partially destroyed
  • An aurora like phenomenon
  • Planetary rings
  • A few stars
  • Floating islands
  • Large luminescent crystal shards
  • Distant city glows on the horizon
  • Interesting landmarks and landscape formations, may even be gravity defying
  • Volcanos, or some sort of lava flow and/or pyroclastic smoke plumes
  • Monolithic monuments
  • Non standard vegetation shapes and colours
  • Energy emitting ley lines
  • And anything else you can think of...!

I actually already have concept art for some of these ideas that I can share, and a number of collected reference images for inspiration. I'm not after someone to simply execute my directions, but to hopefully be able to present their own input and ideas. I do have a license for Daniil Kamperov's Classic Erosion if you want to use that plugin.

Most of the output from Terragen will be used in the form of one or more renders from specific cameras projected onto spheres in Nuke to save time rendering entire sequences, though there may actually be a need to render the entire sequence for some shots. We can discuss rendering arrangements and options as an addon topic.

Interested people can email me: ryan@cyan-eyed.com

Thanks for reading!


Looking for someone to make a terragen landscape video which wil be used for a live musical performance.


Hello hello.

I am working on a comic book that is set in a fantasy/gothic Wild West.  I am looking for a freelance Terragen artist that can create creepy but beautiful landscapes that range from creepy woodlands to rocky deserts and mountain ranges.

I will provide very rough sketches of what I need, but I will rely on some artist input from the Terragen pro.

Payment will be negotiable, and your name will be printed all shiny on the cover (the comic will definitely be bought by my mum, and possibly my Uncle Dave) so you are guaranteed at least a liiiiiittle recognition...from my mum.

The initial work will only feature around 10 renders and 2 different landscapes. This is the showcase which I will use to promote the story to the publishers.

Thanks for reading this.

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Looking for a contract Terragen artist to execute photorealistic orbital planet animations for a fulldome experience. Competitive rates. Our studio is in Burbank CA. Open to remote for the right person. Approximately 3 to 6 months duration.


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If you're talking orbital shots of Earth, I throw @Stormlord  into the ring. Haha his Earth renders are very good, and highly detailed. I am myself curious what you're after more in-depth.  I like the work you've all done over there.


Drop me an email (above) if you're interested. Its earth shots, along with several of the outer planets. Even have some alien planets. It's a big plate of work.