Question on workflow for integrating TG into renders

Started by jdent02, December 21, 2014, 01:28:34 PM

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I'm looking at doing a flythrough of a space station complex and I am wanting to use TG for the planet backdrop.  The station is a series of large rocks with structures on them, rendered in Blender's Cycles renderer.  I want to import these rocks into TG in order to use the 'holdout' feature and save rendering time on where the planet will not be visible.  The tricky part is the Blender scene file is at 1/20th scale in order to make navigation easier.  How would I get these rocks into Terragen, placed in the right locations, and properly scaled up to full size?


Never mind, I figured it out just by messing with the OBJ export from Blender and the OBJ import in Terragen.