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Started by TheBadger, January 18, 2015, 03:15:43 PM

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I ran into a bug while working.

Here are the steps,

Made a image map of a river and imported as a tiff.
Copied a PF build by DandelO
      name = "Fractal terrain 01"
      gui_use_node_pos = "1"
      gui_node_pos = "-680 640 0"
      gui_group = ""
      enable = "1"
      input_node = ""
      gui_use_preview_patch_size = "0"
      gui_preview_patch_size = "1000 1000"
      seed = "45710"
      feature_scale = "500"
      lead-in_scale = "2500"
      smallest_scale = "500"
      noise_octaves = "4"
      apply_high_colour = "0"
      high_colour = "1 1 1"
      apply_low_colour = "0"
      low_colour = "0 0 0"
      colour_contrast = "0.5"
      colour_offset = "0"
      colour_roughness = "5"
      clamp_high_colour = "1"
      clamp_low_colour = "1"
      apply_displacement = "1"
      displacement_direction = "1"
      displacement_amplitude = "250"
      displacement_offset = "0"
      displacement_roughness = "0.875"
      displacement_spike_limit = "0.25"
      continue_spike_limit = "1"
      adjust_coastline = "0"
      coastline_altitude = "0"
      coastline_smoothing = "30"
      noise_flavour = "0"
      noise_variation = "2"
      variation_method = "2"
      buoyancy_from_variation = "0.5"
      clumping_of_variation = "0.25"
      noise_stretch_XYZ = "1 1 1"
      distort_by_normal = "0"
      distortion_by_normal = "5"
      lead-in_warp_effect = "1"
      lead-in_warp_amount = "0.75"
      less_warp_at_feature_scale = "1"
      allow_vertical_warp = "0"
      blend_by_shader = "0"
      blending_shader = ""
      fit_blendshader_to_this = "0"
      invert_blendshader = "0"

Used the Image map to displace the terrain and got the river shape cut into the planet as expected.
Then I pasted the DandelO in and connected to the input of the image map, and copied the image map as a mask to the PF and inverted it.

The result is what I wanted in the first place. But when I deleted the PF mask, then the PF vanished in the 3D preview.
And no mater what I did or how I connected the PF again, it would not show up in the preview.

I hope you can reproduce this on your own. But if not I will make a screen vid But I would prefer not to have to take the time.

I think I need to revert my copy of TG to the last version?

OSX 10.10.1

Here is a screen grab, you can clearly see the PF is attached and not working now at all. Also, a copy of the set up in tgd. I opened several times to see if it would fix it self somehow, but it wont.

This is all to do with this thread:,19310.15.html  >:( I thought I was getting dumb because I could not make it work, though it should have been very simple. Glad it is a bug and not me!!

Thanks for reading
It has been eaten.


Even with no other nodes.
See attachment.

But if I reimport dandelO's PF, then it will work. But If I attach and remove anything it happens all over.

There are some other strange things happening too, but I cant define them yet.
It has been eaten.


Michael you will hate me for saying this but look at the powerfractal.
At the bottom "Mask by shader" is still selected.



Delete this then. "No mater, I'm and idiot."
It has been eaten.


Don't be upset. I made my own share of...ahem... logical posts like this.
I ones looked for a problem so long i was nearly going crazy. Just when i posted the bug report i found the problem  ;D


If I was any dumber I could get a check from the Government every month.
Hmmmm Thats not a bad idea! ::)
It has been eaten.


Just wanted to let you know that there's a newer version for the Mac, which is

Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


Is that an update to the one you were fixing from the last time we talked about updates, matt? TG has been asking me to update, but I was not sure if it was to the version that was crashing on OSX. I can't remember the version number and I deleted that e-mail.
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We removed the crashing one from the update system, of course. The new update is indeed fixed, both for the crash and for the Clip File issue reported elsewhere.

- Oshyan


lol, well you may not believe this. But the check for updates in my version now says there is no new updates. When I was prompted in the last days to update I may have clicked ignore this version. But it is strange that forcing a check would return no update.

Can I just update from the main site, or do I need to have the in app connection?
It has been eaten.


Well, did you check what version you're running? Is it If not, you can download from your online account in our web store. Or, you know, you can always just use the free version downloads if needed; they're the same now, free version restrictions unless a license key is present.

- Oshyan

Dune Just checked, but this is probably only for Mac....


Correct, only for Mac due to a couple Mac-specific bugs that required a new Mac release but not a new Windows release. Windows is still

- Oshyan