Wish Items

Started by TheBadger, January 18, 2015, 05:23:12 PM

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1) Live update plug-in for PS. So i don't have to save out and reopen TG after any change in a PS file being used in TG, especially Image Maps.

2) A Simple Shape Pen Tool. For drawing simple shapes. Much like in Adobe illustrator.

3) A button that finds any mistake I make and warns me before I post for help, and which then makes all my projects awesome with one click. I believe this is called an "easy button"  ;D

It has been eaten.


You should listen to the wise words of the philosopher Jagger:  "You can't always get what you want."   ;D


I want the 'Easy' button too, to go right next to my 'Make Art' button and my "Personal Render Farm " button  :)


 :D Yeah, and a 'get rich fast' button.


I was going to say that rich people have all those buttons, they just call it an expense account.  ;D
It has been eaten.