Started by Cocateho, January 29, 2015, 08:27:43 PM

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Decided go back and redo an old scene while at am impasse with another.  I made this before I organized my object files, so I had to go back through and "re-find" the files for each object, but otherwise it is the same, just higher quality.

... should've added displacement to the tree bark, but I convinced myself in smaller renders "nah, it'll look alright" oops haha


Very nice atmosphere. The ferns look a bit clean and matt, though. Perhaps a little reflectivity, and foremost some procedural dirt/rot would do them good (so to speak).


Thank you. I agree,I also had the thought after rendering in higher quality that this would be a good scene to have gone back and added some more variety to as well. Is it possible to make a population of something and then populate it on a population of objects instead of on a single object? I haven't had much luck with this, it acts like its populating but it never actually will create any instances and take godawful long for nothing.


Very nice scene, agree about the foliage... A bit of translucency and reflectivity, and fractal enhancement will be great!


You can't populate on a population (yet). But some dirt/rot is easily accomplished with an added dark/brownblack surface shader under the default shader, masked by tiny fractal (0.01/0.02/0.005) through a world scale transform shader.


I seem to have created frankenfern lol. Where did I go wrong?


The transform shader should go between the PF masking the surface shader and the surface shader itself and that surface shader should go between the leaves/stems default shader and the multishader.


So I did a few touch ups, added some variation here and there, I think I'm done messing with this one for a bit but it's been educational as far as working with object shaders.


well I think it's stellar, great mood.
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Ferns are looking much better now.


Quote from: Dune on February 14, 2015, 03:31:08 AM
Ferns are looking much better now.

It took me a bit to figure it out but in the end I realized I was just overthinking it. Thanks for the tip!


was about to say (again without looking at what others have said) that the growth in the foreground has no detail, but all sorted now, personally id lose that tree on the right, or throw it over more to the right or out of the way


Seems a bit dark to me but overall I like it. Nice work