overhanging displacement in strata hard layers

Started by oysteroid, February 10, 2015, 01:50:12 am

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I'm just about to tear my hair out. I hope someone can help! I've searched quite a bit and haven't found the answer.

What I want to do is rather simple:

Make a mountain starting with a vector displacement from ZBrush. This part works fine.

Use a strata and outcrops shader to make some hard layers with a vertical profile. This also works.

Color the hard rock differently using slope constraints in a surface layer node or using a distribution shader. I can make this work without trouble.

Add some fractal displacement to only the vertical hard rock layers such that it gives some vertical variation, including some overhang. I can't get this to work! Help!

Might someone give me some guidance as to how to set up the nodes to do this properly? I'd greatly appreciate it!


Did you try setting the slope constraint very tight (slope and fuzzy zone)? And did you try adding an extra compute normal just before that displacement action? And perhaps an XYZ node will help you out, also just before the displacement you want.


Thanks, Dune.

The compute normal node certainly helps. I also just discovered that the problem seems to be that I had the hard layer steepness set too high in the strata and outcrops shader. I had it at 10. Setting it to 1 yields better results. But at that setting, the hard layers aren't forced quite as vertical, which makes the slope constraint a bit less selective, as my mountain, even between hard layers, is pretty steep.

Anyway, I am getting roughly the effect I was after now. Thanks for the suggestions!