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Started by Artby, January 27, 2015, 03:09:17 PM

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New iteration, strange displacement issue on the badckground, still working...


Wow man! great!

2 main things I would crit... 1, the render over all looks more like a painting than a photo (render I mean, not the terrain). And 2, look at the mount on the left side at the top. Those spike things have to be removed I would think. I would guess that you know this already but...

Otherwise, this is just a fantastic looking and really fun image.
It has been eaten.


Thanks for your reply :)
The spikes on the left was what I called "displacement issue", I have to remove that of course...
Agree about the painting look, Iceland often looks fantastic and I was trying to put that in my image. Maybe I went a bit to far in that direction. I may increase the haze a bit, like in my pas renders, and work more on the grass.
Do you see some details on you screens in the foreground ? I am not sure again about my screen calibration, I want something dark but still visible...


Working on a typical Iceland ground...


Last one before final output...


Beautiful moody render.... Great details, good luck


here it is !

Now : time to sleep :)


This has turned out stunning, congratulations  :D     |