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Started by lebleuetok, April 07, 2015, 11:39:24 pm

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Hello everyone.
After returning to work on terragen 3 after a long and bad flu, I have two question submit.

1- What is the procedure to remove an object or after the other element, you add a job.
Let me explain.
After having chosen a cloud and then have incorporated in my field, I've realized that it was the cloud model that I wanted to.
How do have to be deleted?

2-My second question backups.
The majority of software or animations for 3D has an automatic backup tool to prevent the user forgets to save, there is a power outage following a system crash.
Is Terragen 3 has this tool because after having to work more than 8 hours on land, we had a power failure.
I site as example the software "CryEngine" which performs an automatic backup made it work and it has all the s 30 minutes of use.
I hope to have correctly explain my request because I'm not the best in English. lol
thank you
Hoping all compliant


Sorry for posting in the wrong section.
Can a moderator could please transferring my topic in the right section.
thank you


I'll answer this before it's relocated: I don't think there's an 'automatic saving every 10 mins or so', but there is incremental saving (in preferences), so previous versions are all saved, every time you save. Furthermore, I think you need to make a habit of pressing CTRL+S every few minutes or so, or after important changes. I've learned that the bad way as well. Nothing as frustrating as seeing your work vanish in a power failure or TG crash.
Then deleting: just select the node you want deleted and hit 'delete' on your keyboard.`Or rightclick on the node and choose 'delete node'.