Terragen crashes when adding lake to second planet

Started by dpcole72, January 18, 2015, 02:57:59 PM

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Terragen is the version of TG3 I'm using.

When adding a lake to my second planet (a moon), Terragen crashes.  Even disabling all the fractals associated with Planet 2, the crash still occurs when adding and assigning a lake object to planet 2.

If reassigning Lake 01 to the other planet, or creating Lake 02, it crashes. :(  It's driving me nuts.  I'll keep thinking of workarounds but the planet objects are simple with layers disabled, so I'm not sure there's a conflict between layers causing this.

Am attaching an error log in case that helps...

Are there any known workarounds, apart from not using water? 



You can try using a second planet in the same place and dimension or use a plane object with the water shader.


I believe this is a known issue. Depending on what you intended to use the Lake for, you can use other methods. The Lake object is really just a large Disc object with a Water Shader applied to it (and some additional features for "anchoring" to a planet that may only work currently with the default planet). So you can use a plane or any other object with a Water Shader applied, or frankly you might want to consider just using a Reflective Shader if you're actually viewing the 2nd planet from a distance, either from orbit or from the default planet. You won't see the waves or transparency of the water at that distance anyway, and you'll save time with a Reflective Shader instead of Water Shader.

The approach of using a 2nd planet with a Water Shader applied to it (and the radius of the planet being set to same as your default planet +/- the water level you want) will give you a global ocean which can be handy, and works much better than the Lake for that purpose.

If none of those methods address your need, let us know some more details about what you're trying to achieve.

- Oshyan


Thanks, y'all!

I've been using shaders as suggested and am getting fairly decent results after fine-tuning... :)  (Am hoping for lakes one day but shaders are cool!)