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Started by Sethren, June 02, 2007, 12:59:04 am

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very interesting image Frank... especially without an image map.



Would you happen to have the tgd or tgc file for this?  This is really nice and I'd like to see how it was pulled off.
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I had a go at making something similar a while ago, I was combining two cloud fractal shaders one to create a lot of small clouds and another to form these into larger patches.

Here is a small test I made at the time, I have a larger, better quality version cooking at the moment and will post that when it is finished. 

There is probably a way to get a more banded distribution of the small clouds using functions.  I will give that a try when I get the chance.

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Looking good so far.  Beware about using functions with cloud distribution.  I tried that once, and it just soaked up render time. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


The render time on this one is none to clever.  I will need to look at the node network but I remember adding a couple of "Fudge Factor" functions that may well be slowing things down. 

Didn't someone make some Voronoi clouds a while ago?  I can't find the post but I don't think any renders ever got finished.
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Hi all,

I know that it does not really belong into this forum but since Sethren started the thread putting links to some of my cloud pictures I though it might interest you.
I have just released 3 Cloud Sets for Artmatic Voyager. On the preview pages there are many new examples. They are supposed to represent the collections.

Here are  the links. You will find the pictures at the bottom of the pages.

Please note that I have no intention to turn you away from Terragen but rather to encourage anyone to get into node based editing (which has many parallels with the way Artmatic works).
One could say it`s the programming language for graphic artists. It takes some time to get acquainted with it but it`s definitely worth the time invested.
There are probably some of you who are a bit confused or find that node base editing is too technical.
But finally it`s just another language one has to learn.
I am neither a technician nor mathematically inclined and I really had to force myself to get into it. But finally, once you know how it works, it`s very easy and then benefit will be that you gain a great amount of freedom over your artworks.




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I agree, Artmatic Voyager probably has some of the most amazing looking cirrus clouds I've seen in an app so far.  I know TG2 could pull off the same effects, but it will require more work at this stage.  However, I think TG2 has it made when it comes to cumulus.

Its a shame Artmatic Voyager is MAC only  :-\
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